Days 3, 4, and 5

Nothing interesting happened on these days. No, really.

*gasp* “Do you mean to say,” says the Internet, “that nothing groundbreaking in the world of nutrition and fitness happened to you in the last three days?”

Exactly right, Internet.

I ate the same foods and did the same stuff. Cravings have been getting a little worse. I expected the strongest cravings to be for dairy and coffee (I’m giving that up too- not as part of the Virgin Diet though), but so far it has been gluten-related foods I’m craving (pizza, cinnamon rolls, toast, etc.) and, of course, sugar.

In other news, a high school boy in one of the classes I was teaching offered to take me on a date to Panda Express. Really pulled out the big guns on that one, buddy.

Also, thanks to CrossFit, I can barely walk. In my quest to build a butt–nature didn’t give me much to work with in that area–I have been doing some extra weighted squats and lunges. On Thursday, I did some squats and one of the girls from the gym and I did about 50 lunges with 30lbs added and 50 more with 50lbs added. Little did I know on Friday the WOD (workout of the day) would have TONS of weighted lunges, squats, and running. When I got through that first set of weighted lunges after lots of squats and headed outside to run, I feared I may have lost the use of my legs they were moving so slowly. I was like the Little Engine That Freakin Could huffing and puffing up that hill, feeling like each leg weighed a million pounds. Haha and now I can barely sit down. =)