Day 7

Foods for today:

Breakfast: This awesome banana coconut crockpot oatmeal.


Do yourself a favor–make it! (alterations: I used full-fat coconut milk, omitted the brown sugar, and subbed coconut oil for the butter) I think if you’re going to have leftovers and reheat this it would probably taste better to throw in some fresh bananas. Our leftovers started to get a little mushy.

Lunch: Amy’s Soups Indian Dal Golden Lentil, fresh carrots and snap peas (not all of Amy’s Soups are Virgin Diet friendly, so check your labels)

Dinner: Good-sized ribeye steak, huge mound of steamed broccoli, and these coconut lemon meltaways (alteration: substituted a few dates for the added sugar) which honestly weren’t anything special

Confession 1: I’m fairly experienced with cooking and baking, but I don’t know how to cook steak. I looked it up online, followed the directions exactly, and…ate a slightly overcooked steak haha. The flavor was great, but a little too chewy for my liking.

Confession 2: I’m not that crazy about vegetables. They’re soooo boring! I mean, I like plenty of vegetables (as in, I don’t think they’re gross and maybe enjoy them a little bit on occasion), but they never sound like the most interesting choice. Hmmm, should I eat a sweet, tart apple with rich, creamy almond butter, or…celery. Lame. I like salads if someone else makes one for me, but making salads is kind of high maintenance. If I’m going to put some work into food (and I do), it better taste better than a salad. Unfortunately, I think I’m gonna have to get over it. Veggies are a huge component of diets like the Virgin Diet or paleo. They add so many nutrients and so much bulk to a diet. I totally think it’s great to take pleasure in the different flavors of food–even indulgent, unhealthy foods sometimes–but it’s wrong to let the taste of what I’m eating 100% dictate what nutrition my body is getting. My mom always told us that when we make our eating choices based only on what tastes good we’re letting one tiny part, our tongue, overrule what the whole body needs to function well.

Goal: eat more veggies.